AMDEF – X: Elevating Seattle Fashion


The Seattle fashion community has many opinions on how to make fashion function in the city but are not always in agreement . Event producers, artists, talent, and businesses all have differing perspectives on how to cultivate a vibrant fashion scene. Active Entertainment promotes the fashion community by connecting them to other artists of various platforms including art, music, dance, and entertainment. Through AMDEF, fashion artists can grow outside their traditional creative genre to develop new spheres of exposure and opportunity.

Fashion has always been woven into the entertainment community. The music of any given era influences the fashion trends, and costume creation has always played a major role in theater. No other event in the Northwest fuses art genres with the intensity experienced at AMDEF, creating a dynamic synergy at each annual event. Throughout six hours of non-stop performances, AMDEF 2016 featured 16 designers, over 100 models, and over 200 custom garments on its stage, all choreographed to local music in collaboration with a succession of aerialists, burlesque, choreographed dance routines, suspension artists, side-show acts and more.

AMDEF is the flagship event of Active Entertainment, the company responsible for Chance Fashion’s event production, marketing, and talent management. Launched in 2008, AMDEF sought to bring together the communities of art, music, dance, entertainment and fashion through the production of unique collaborations for each event. Two years into producing AMDEF, it became readily apparent how mainstream fashion standards prohibit many potential fashion artists from getting involved in the industry.

Belly dancing team Culture Shakti & Fashions by Arty Party Designs

AMDEF is his flagship event and from that came Chance Fashion . Chance Fashion is the longest running monthly fashion event in the United States. It is exactly what it states in the title – giving everyone a chance to show what they love doing.  Love modeling?  Model at a Chance Fashion show.  Design clothes?  Showcase your pieces at a Chance Fashion show.  Love doing hair and makeup?  Practice on the models at a Chance Fashion show. AMDEF also gave way to the monthly event Art on the Rocks, and the quarterly event Performers Anonymous, each focused on providing opportunities and resources to their respective titles. AMDEF serves as an umbrella to numerous creative communities, and Ryan is the quiet leader at the helm of it all.

Blues band Eric Blu and the Soul Revue with aerialst Afterglow Aerial Arts

Yak Nasty with accessories by It’s Lit!

Billy the Fridge in Arty Party Designs and DJ Martini

Model Chalet Robinson in Chrome Plated Fashions with live painter Joey Masciotra and band Measure X Measure