Congratulations to Chance Fashion’s 2015 Artists of the Year!


Chance Fashion cordially invites the Seattle Fashion Community to join us in recognizing the accomplishments of our Participating Artists in 2015! Announcing the Model, Designer, Photographer, Hair Stylist, and Makeup Artist of 2015 January 9th, at Melrose Market Studios!

Since January 2010, Chance Fashion has awarded 1 Model, 1 Photographer, and 1 Designer “Collaboration of the Month” based on their creative chemistry during a monthly show. We look for Artists who exhibit a positive influence on the community around them, then select an image from the show that best represents a collaboration between those Artists. The winners are selected by the Staff Team, and are not voted on publicly. The images are printed on a business card and distributed as promotional materials to new Artists interested in getting involved. In 2012, the Awards extended to include a Male Model of the Year, and in 2013, they extended to include Hair and Makeup Artists.

January 9th, 2016, Chance hosted our first event of the season with our 6th annual Artist of the Year Awards at Melrose Market Studios! This event recognizes our Collaboration of the Month winners from 2015, showcases some of our most dedicated Participants, and rewards our Designer, Photographer, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, and Male & Female Model of the Year!

The Evening was filled with familiar faces from the last 6+ years of Chance Fashion events, including many of our previous Artist of the Year Award Winners such as Lydia DeLoach, Mac Fashion House, Adriane Morgan, Edwina Brown, Peter Hamilton, Dennis Tudos, Lastwear, and more. Also, our sponsors Tiffany Talent Agency, Social Outreach Seattle, Seattle Social, and What’s Up Northwest were in attendance to show their support! And of course, many of our regular participants, fans, and supporters were in attendance to catch the major announcement. Thank you all so much for coming out!

Also, congratulations to our December 2015 Collaboration of the Month Winners! DeLoach Wear, Shiboney Dumo, and MiYoung Margolis!