Maryline Rivard’s Conceptual Photos Convey Magical Levels of Inspiration


Within a scene of truly spectacular fantasy, Maryline Rivard portrays elements of her reality. Her conceptual creations are something to admire, more so as she plays the dual role of photographer and subject. Through hard work, persistence, and the odd climb up a huge rock, Maryline sets the bar in terms of her work ethic and creative output. Impressed by the photographer, and mesmerized by the subject, we wanted to get to know the artist from Quebec, Canada a little better.

I am inspired by several artists including conceptual and surrealist photographers, poets, painters, etc … Sometimes the inspiration comes from an emotion that I have difficulty expressing with words or a simple object found in a brocade. This is how I develop the concept in my head and I always have many ideas to realize.

A self-portrait using a remote is not easy indeed. The biggest challenge is to have the right focus. I now have great ease making self-portraits with my Nikon D750, more than with my cell phone in fact. I sometimes have the right pose after 20 photos (especially outside in winter hehe) and sometimes I have to take 200!

I started photography as a model so I always liked being in front of the camera. Being my own model greatly facilitates creation. No need to confuse me in long explanations on the clothing, the hairstyle, the makeup, the poses, the way to make an emotion with another person who does not have in mind your concept. I have perfect control over the entire creative process which I think allows me to create stronger images.

Since I work only in natural light that is very capricious, I have toadapt the shooting depending on the time of day and whether there is sun or not. I am very attentive to this kind of detail and it can be sometimes frustrating to wait for a cloudy day for an outdoor concept. But light is an essential element for the atmosphere and the rendering of the final image.