Modeling Basics From a Chance Fashion Coach by Irene Alder


One of the best perks of being a model at Chance Fashion is the education side. At rehearsal and day of show models work with experienced coaches who bring years of experience, style and passion to share with the models. Each rehearsal is rich with curriculum designed to educate models at all levels. Novices are given an introduction to the world of modeling. Experienced models get added coaching to strengthen their skills. In keeping with that theme, here is a post about what models can do at home to keep improving.

What is one thing that will separate you from the pack? Practice, practice, practice. This is true for both men and women and the exercises in this article are applicable to both.

Some people are naturally gifted in this industry. We don’t all have Gigi Hadid’s face, figure or legs. But even that super star does her homework. Here is what she has to say about it.

“Some may have it easier than others but all will benefit from practice. I’d rather work with a model who knows his/her face and body so well they don’t even have to think to pose than a natural beauty who is clueless in front of the camera. Trust me, while the latter may get many gigs to start they aren’t going to maintain. The former is the one who will have a steady career.”

So what does that mean for you? DO YOUR HOMEWORK!
Easy homework ideas:

• Stand in front of a mirror close your eyes and set your pose open your eyes and see if it looks good. Then close your eyes again and really feel it in your body. Feel which muscles are stretched and which are contracted. Feel where your balance point is.
o It is fairly easy to look in a mirror and set a pose but you won’t have a mirror at the end of the runway or to stare into at a photoshoot for that matter. You can’t just see the pose you have to feel it.

• Just as with your body do the same exercise with your face. Close your eyes, set your face open, check, close again and feel. If you have trouble closing your eyes and keeping a facial expression turn away from the mirror or turn your mirror away, set your pose, look back, etc.

• Set a standing mirror anywhere your have room to walk at least 5 good strides or hang a big mirror over a door. Walk up to it and pose if you can incorporate the first exercise by not looking at yourself in the mirror until after you have posed. Then check it out. The mirror mimics (to some extent) the camera. What does the mirror see. Is it pleasing to the eye? Does the pose showoff or hide the garment. What is closest to the “camera”? Remember that will look biggest in the camera. (See helpful hint post).

• Place your arms behind your back and pose with out using your arms/hands.

• Video tape yourself walking and posing from all sides. Critique yourself and try again. Pay attention to your transitions between poses.

• Set a repeat timer that goes off every 3 – 4 seconds. Pose and hold it until the timer goes off then change poses. Pay attention to your transitions. You should be able to quickly change poses so that it doesn’t mess up your timing.

• Watch videos and study pictures of the pros (especially in the genres you want to work in) then practice copying what they do. Once you can then make it you own.

• Stretch. These are some stretches/yoga poses that will help your posture and posing. Just remember do what you can, take your time and don’t over do. If you can do the stretch modify it to your body.