Fully responsive

Connects Management, Teachers, Students and Parents Together with real time flow of information among them. Instant Alerts, SMS & EMail Messages, Mobile App updates.

Cloud+SAS Model

Web based application platform which works on Cloud platform with instant School, College, Institutions, Branch, Franchise creation in minutes. With no setup costs and low monthly subscriptions.


Ready to Lauch

Create Institutions, Schools, Colleges Instantly zero setup time. you can manage all your institutions and branches centrally. Instant communication with all the branches. Generate reports, sms, email messages as and when you need.

Cloud ERP Solutions

For Schools

You can manage your Schools Administrative activities on our Cloud platform, such as fees, students, staff, sms, email, parents login, android application etc.,

For Colleges

You can manage your Colleges activities on our Cloud platform, such as fees, students, staff, sms, email, parents login, attendance, android application etc.

For Group of Institutions

You can manage all the schools, colleges in your group centrally. You can monitor them centrally with all the modules available in school and college packages.

For Resellers and Franchise

You can manage 100’s of schools or colleges, sub-resellers and your franchise owners and schools with all the features of campus management cloud solution.

Products and Services

Biometric Attendance System

You can manage your employee attendance, payroll. If you are chain of hotels, company with multi site or location you can centralize your attendance and payroll processes using SantoSoft attendance and payroll software. Schools/college/VTC’s can send sms alerts to parents when the students enter the campus. we also provide seamless integration of biometric device with third party payroll software.


Retail Billing and Inventory Software

SantoSoft Inventory Admin, helps small and medium business to implement POS based billing solution where they can generate invoice, track VAT, CST, Service taxes, Maintain inventory of stock etc., We have unique solution for Jewellery showrooms as well. POS integrated, Barcode Printer such as Zebra, TVS supported. Webcam supported.


SMS Services for Businesses

SantoSoft provides transactional and promotional sms services. our sms solutions are integrated with our ERP applications as well. we provide ERP integration API’s for ERP solution providers to integrate our SMS service with their applications.

Campus ERP Solutions

We provide Campus ERP Solutions for Schools, Colleges, Vocational Training Centers. We have online and Offline solutions, Also we have single and multi campus solutions. We have mobile app for parents and staff. biometric integration, barcode integrations as well. more than 75+ reports, Latest Graphs supported.


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